Our Team

Our Team

The Eco Preservation Project

Garret Stuart


Since a small child I’ve been all about protecting the Earth. Now my goal in life is to educate my fellow humans about our planet’s health, and what we can all do each day to leave behind a more sustainable Earth for future generations.

In the end, we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.
This simple yet deep statement is why I founded the Eco Preservation Project. To teach everyone how to tap into their relationship with the Earth and in turn be the Eco Warrior for those who surround them. By spending much time with the Lakota tribe on Pine Ridge Indian reservation, I realized how simple it is to apply conservation to everyday living.
I always wanted to make my life’s work to connect people to nature and raise awareness for wildlife conservation. This desire is what led me to get my bachelor’s degree in field biology, specializing in algae. I was fortunate enough to study under one of the 53 algae scientists on the planet and now I am honored to be number 54.
For many years, it has been my passion to educate people about the natural world no matter what field I was working in. I worked for the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks as well as the Missouri Department of Natural Resources restoring tall grass prairies and building artificial wetlands before I went into the field of agriculture. With in a short time, I started my own crop consulting and precision agriculture division through a major AG company. It is someone’s job to recommend fertilizer and chemical rates for agriculture, and seemed like the perfect job for a young Captain Planet. I also wanted to learn as much about agricultural companies as I possibly could who were harming the environment. I always said it was best to know them and confine their purpose then to just leave them be. After a few years, I decided I wanted nothing more to do with managing chemicals, from there I turned to sustainable agriculture and lived on a farm in Puerto Rico managing an Agroforestry and 120 year old organic coffee and banana farm involving sustainable permaculture. I dedicated my life to implementing sustainable crop production within Nature instead of against it, working with the terrain and the trees instead of plowing the ground after chopping down the landscape. I taught indigenous farmers how to work with existing mycelium networks and how they could increase crop production by implementing techniques that their great grandfathers used with some added tips that connected the dots.
I left Puerto Rico and moved to the Florida keys where I found my true calling after I fell in love with the reef. I then accepted a position as a marine scientist focusing on outreach education programs. But no matter the field I am working in; my passion for education always shines through. Whether it’s my “crazy” ideas to start a no till farming movement or taking kids from a youth shelter where I volunteered for many years out hiking and fishing. The connection between us and Mother Earth is something we can never ignore. We all know that we depend on her to survive but what we forget is that she also depends on us for her survival as well. We have been living in a wrong way for many years and it’s up to us to change our ways and to ensure this planet will be around for a future generations to enjoy. The one way we can do this is through education, because it’s not too late to change our ways.

Ryan Spock

Director of Development & Community Outreach

Traci Albright

Administrative Accounting &
Marketing Associate

Amy Wise Haubein

Environmental Consultant / Limnologist
BA in Biology and Chemistry
Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies

Jessica Blanks

Environmental Consultant / Microbiologist
BS in Marine Science
MS in Environmental Health Sciences

Sean Patton

Environmental Consultant
BA in Marine Biology
FDAC Certified Pesticide Application
Founder of Stocking Savvy Environmental Consulting Firm

Traci DeBusman

Social Media Monitor &
Volunteer Coordinator

Taylor Dallas

Social Media Moderator

Heide Horvath

Social Media Moderator

Bert Kinchen

Social Media Moderator & Coordinator

Isaac Holeva

Special Events / Promotions
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