The Eco Preservation Project is an educational nonprofit in the state of Florida specializing in global environmental conservation with a focus on ocean conservation. EPP travels to schools throughout the state of Florida giving lectures focused on the importance of environmental safe practices. Students from early childhood development to college students are taught to respect the environment using everyday living practices. We teach students the vital role Florida’s eco system plays in the global environment as well as teaching kids and adults the way to live in harmony with the environment without negatively impacting our natural resources. Ensuring that the planet continues to work for us and with us to sustain future generations.

Our Goal

The goal of The Eco Preservation Project is using free education to end environmental apathy in the state of Florida and globally, in order to give citizens the proper tools to make decisions based on a right and wrong way of living with mother earth. To preserve the eco system in which all life depends through global education. We wish to shine a light for the world to see so that all mankind may light the flame that exists in each of us to live responsibly with the natural resources we’ve been given.



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