Who We Are

The Eco Preservation Project is an educational nonprofit in the state of Florida specializing in global environmental conservation with a focus on ocean conservation.


EPP travels to schools throughout the state of Florida giving lectures focused on the importance of environmental safe practices. Students from early childhood development to college students are taught to respect the environment using everyday living practices. We teach students the vital role Florida’s eco system plays in the global environment as well as teaching kids and adults the way to live in harmony with the environment without negatively impacting our natural resources. Ensuring that the planet continues to work for us and with us to sustain future generations.


The Eco Preservation Project also travels throughout the state to speaking events, commissioners meetings and other environmental forums to help educate the masses regarding the environmental concerns Florida in currently facing. We are hoping to eventually broaden our scope throughout the world.


We also encourage regenerative agriculture and implementing sustainable crop rotations and cover crops. With today’s technology, we can incorporate science and precision agriculture to better understand our farms and the soil beneath the crop. Often we exploit our soils for production and forget the return of investment of having healthy soils; this is where regenerative agriculture comes to play as we can incorporate nontoxic, biodegradable products in the soil. Often when farmers hear the word “organic” …they think of two words “expensive and slow”. Therefore I believe it takes outside the box thinking to incorporate cost effective solutions for both the farmer and the planet. I truly believe both need healthy soils for success.

Our Goal is to End Environmental Apathy by
Educating Citizens About Environmental Concerns such as:

  • Red Tide
  • Blue-green Algal Blooms
  • Urban Pollution
  • Corporate Pollution
  • Continual Decline of the Coral Reefs
  • Ocean Acidification
  • Climate Change
  • Decline of the Everglades
  • Importance of Protecting Natural Estuaries
  • Importance of Restoring the Natural Flow of Lake Okeechobee
  • Importance of Restoring Florida’s Natural Springs
  • The Misuse of Pesticides and Fertilizers

Tipping the Scales

We believe our continued effort to educate will eventually tip the scales in favor of the environment while providing the education necessary to allow our future generations to do better than the previous.

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