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The Eco Preservation Project

Bridging the gap between science, nature, and human beings 

Garrett Stuart - CEO

My Background

Working with Marine Science Eco Experience

 I received my bachelor’s degree in Field Biology, specializing in algae. I was fortunate enough to study under one of the 53 Algae Scientists on the planet. I worked for the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks as well as the Missouri Department of Natural Resources restoring tall grass prairies and building artificial wetlands before I went into the field of Agriculture. Within a short time, I started my own crop consulting division through a major AG company. It wasn't long before I turned to sustainable agriculture and lived on a farm in Puerto Rico managing an Agroforestry Farm involving Sustainable Permaculture. After a while, I moved back to the Florida Keys to the reef I fell in love with and accepted a position as a Marine Scientist focusing on outreach educational programs. 

My Experience

 For many years, it has been my passion to educate people about the natural world no matter what field I was working in. From my “crazy” ideas to start a no till farming movement to taking kids from a youth shelter that I volunteered with for years out hiking and fishing. The connection takes place in nature where one remembers the heartbeat of Mother Earth. It’s the same heart beat that you all heard in your mother’s wombs for nine months. We all remember it once we hear it. I’ve made my life’s work to connect people to nature and raise awareness for wildlife conservation, particularly ocean conservation. I relate with everyone I can to my personal experiences to make them a part of the connection. 

About Me

 I thought my jam was plants and algae before I met the ocean. I often refer to the sea as my Liquid Love Story. She completed the education of my heart. But as much as I love our oceans, they don’t call me Sgt Sea or Private Coral; they nicknamed me "Captain Planet". And for a very good reason. Since a small child, I’ve been all about protecting the earth and now I make my living doing so. I wanted to come up out of the water long enough to educate my fellow humans about our planet’s health, and what we can all do each day to leave behind a more sustainable earth for future generations. In the end, we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught. That’s what The Eco Preservation Project is about, to teach each of you how to tap into your relationship with the earth and in turn, be the Eco Preservation Project for the people around you. Spending much time with the Lakota tribe on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, I realized how simple it is to apply conservation to everyday living. 



Children are the future. Education is key

In order to conserve what we love, we must understand it first and to do so we must be taught to understand. This side of the consulting offers the ECO side of the word eco-friendly. As a biologist, I will offer districts, teachers, students, and parents the the science of the natural world and the reasons that we as humans must maintain a balance. After all, there is no planet B. Its important to instill this upon a child when they are young. We do not inherit this earth from our parents; we borrow it from our children

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Individual/Family/Business Eco-Preservation

Whether you are a small business, large corporation,  family, or an individual looking for an Eco Makeover...The Eco Preservation Project provides real solutions to real problems. As a scientist, truth is my job, and the reality is real enough to want to teach people how to change. No matter the budget, we can find a way for you to live a healthier life for you, your family, customers, employees, and planet Earth!

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